Community Associations Covid19 Rules, Closures

Community Associations rules, covid 19 regulations, closures and etiquette guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of all users and keep our area parks healthy and sustainable for everyone to enjoy. Please follow them each time you visit. Learn more about pathway safety, Community Events, attractions, fundraisers have direct and indirect impact on Calgary area communities. They provide opportunities for participation, skills development, volunteering and social, cultural economic and environmental developments. Alberta Heath Services is allowing community association facilities and amenities to be used for activities currently permitted under Stage 1 of the Government of Alberta's relaunch strategy. Community association facilities and amenities may only be used for the specified activity and must follow provincial requirements.

Posting of appropriate signage

A collaborative effort between the facility staff and operators offering the activities to determine a cleaning schedule for the facility, including washrooms and high-touch surfaces If there are multiple entrances into the facility, it would be best to designate a single entrance to help monitor the people entering the facility infrastructures. #parksandrecreation, #naturelovers,#hiking, #explore, #wildlife, #covid19, Community Associations.